Old School Survival Boot Camp

May 13-15, 2022 in the Hocking Hills region of Ohio


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Class Descriptions

** Details about Make and Take class registration and fees will be posted on the www.oldschoolsurvivalbootcamp.com website by February 1. The same information will also be posted on our social media pages and emailed to all ticket holders. The Make and Take class registration form will be distributed to Old School Survival Boot Camp 2021 attendees and all Old School Survival Network (www.oldschoolsurvivalnetwork.com) members 24 hours before it is released publically to all ticket holders.

  1. Four Pillars of Modern Preparedness - Josh Sutton President of Kentucky Preppers Network and the Homestead Education Program

Every year there are more and more people turning to modern preparedness and

self sufficiency. Most are full of questions, so we have compiled a course to help ease the

transition from an average person to someone who can weather anything that comes their

family’s way.

  1. Pine Needles Dying and Basket Weaving - Jamie Childers 4-H Leader

In this class attendees will be introduced to the art of rope style basket weaving and simple dying techniques.

  1. Pine Needle Hedgehog Project - Jamie Childers 4-H Leader

Kids will get to make their own hedgehog out of pine cone, pine needles, glue, air dry clay and

google eyes. This class has a maximum of 20 youth attendees per session. Make and Take Fee: $2

  1. Understanding Tincture Ratios & Solubility - Jamie Schmotzer of JW Apothecary

The main goal of this class is for students to understand ratios and solubility as they relate to making herbal tinctures. It is highly recommended, though not necessary, that students buy the book, Making Plant Medicine - https://amzn.to/3qOu8B2, by Richo Cech, as the underlying goal is for students to walk away from the class confident in being able to use this book to make a wide variety of tinctures.

  1. Fire Cider - Jamie Schmotzer of JW Apothecary

The main goal of this class is for students to learn what Fire Cider is, how to make it, and how to use it. It is recommended, though not necessary, that students buy the book, Fire Cider! – https://amzn.to/3zstdtP, by Rosemary Gladstar and Friends (including Jamie!), as it is my hope that students will add Fire Cider to their home remedy repertoire.

  1. Foundations of Making Plant Medicine - Jamie Schmotzer of JW Apothecary

The main goal of this class is to discuss why making plant medicine may be a viable alternative, or supplement to, so-called “modern” medicine, and it is my hope that students walk away from the class inspired and confident that they can learn to make some herbal remedies for themselves. 

  1. How To Light Fires With Flint and Steel - Jamie Schmotzer of JW Apothecary

In this class students will learn how to light fires with flint & steel. They will learn how to make charred cloth, find and process materials for a bird’s nest (tinder bundle), put together an effective fire lay, create a spark with flint and steel, and coax an ember into flames. Attendees will receive a flint & steel kit that comes with a steel striker, a piece of flint, charred cloth, and a container to store the kit in. Maximum number of attendees per class - 20. Make and Take kit fee $20

  1. The JW Apothecary Woodsman’s Essential Oil - Jamie Schmotzer

In this class I will introduce the students to the herbal kit that I almost always take with me when I’m camping, hiking, or bushcrafting in the woods. Students will learn why I have been using this kit for so many years, and they will make their own kit with ingredients that I will provide.

The kit includes an Altoids style tin and the ingredients necessary for each student to make my full kit consisting of roller ball bottles filled with each of the following four herbal preparations: 1) an infused and essential oil blend formulated to support minor cuts, scrapes, and the like, 2) an infused and essential oil blend formulated specifically to help with burns, 3) a diluted essential oil blend formulated to help with breathing and congestion after sitting around a smokey campfire, and 4) a disinfectant liniment that I have adapted to be useful concerning possible

infections and to help promote healing of wounds. Maximum number of students in this class is 20 - no children permitted in this course. Make and Take Fee: $20

  1. Building A Bugout Bag - Dave Canterbury - New York Time Best Selling Author for Bushcraft 101 and Self-Reliance Outfitters 

This preparedness class will focus on what is the purpose of a bug out bag, what environment are you going to, and how long do you plan to be gone? Dave’s class will also offer insisght in planning for seasonal and environmental concerns, help you to assess your current skills level, discuss the impact of a person’s physical and medical limitations, what essential items should be placed in the bug out bag, specific items for AO, and personal safety, as well as longevity concerns.


  1. Preparing An Emergency Get Home Bag - Pioneer Survival Company Eric and Shawn Seitz

In this course we will lay out the essential components of a get home bag. We will discuss the emergency gear inside and how to adjust it based on your season and location.

  1. Fundamentals of Backpacking and Wilderness Safety - Pioneer Survival Company Eric and Shawn Seitz

In this course we are going to teach the fundamentals of preparing for a backpacking trip. Additionally, we will teach hiking techniques, essentials and basic first aid.

  1. Hand Sewing 101 - Tara Dodrill of Old School Survival Network

Attendees will learn the basics of hand sewing while creating a large stuffed rabbit, teddy bear, cat, or dog stuffed animal to take home with them. Yes, even if you have never sewn before you will be able to finish an adorably soft stuffed animal during class. The sewing kit each attendee will receive will have all the fur, stuffing, and doll sewing needle necessary to make the project, and include a pattern and instructions to make more stuffed animals and an outfit for them to take home. Scissors and thread will be provided in class.

Class open to adults and children - children under the age of 10 will need adult or teen supervision and a little help with the project. Friday only class unless there is a waitlist and a second class will be added on Saturday. Maximum of 25 attendees per class. Make and Take Fee: $20

Click here to register for this class or to get your name on the waitlist for a potential add-on class if this one becomes full.

  1. Hand Sewing For Kids - Tara Dodrill of Old School Survival Network

The children will have a choice of making one of three simple and small stuffed rabbits, frogs, or dinosaurs to take home with them. They will be provided with a craft needle, scissors, and  thread to use during the class. The craft needles are sharp. Children younger than the age of 8 will need adult or teen supervision and help during the class. Friday Only Class unless there is a waitlist and class will be held again on Saturday. Maximum of 20 children per class. Make and Take Fee: $5

  1. How To Start Sewing On The Cheap - Jay Hercules of Opossum Pouch Goods

Jay sews thick canvas and other materials to make tents, tarps, and a wide range of Bushcraft goods. In this class beginner sewers will learn how to sew on a practical level on a portable machine. They will get information on how to begin sewing as a hobby and develop it as a full fledged skill. Cost effective ways to get started will be a main focus. Also, ways to develop skill without spending a bunch and how to improve your skills without an experienced coach. Participants could attend daily and learn something new. This is a 2-hour class.

  1. Making Jerky Over An Open Flame - Bill Carpenter of Bible And Bushcraft

More details coming soon.

  1. Getting Home - Jeff Smith of The Everyday Prepper

Provides knowledge for how to get home in an emergency. This course will provide

instruction for those "less seasoned" and promote critical thinking for those with more

experience. We will explore the importance of planning and the types of emergencies

you may encounter. We will take a look at what you can do to prepare yourself for such an event and the equipment you will need. Next we will dive deep into what it will take for

you to be capable of succeeding and reaching your destination. We will finish with items

that are handy to have in your get home bag.

  1. Old Tools For The Future - Jeff Smith of The Everyday Prepper

Do you have the tools and the knowledge you would need to survive a grid down

scenario? We have all but forgotten the tools our parents and great grandparents

used to help get us where we are today. Most retailers have forgotten about them too.

Here, we will reach into the past and pull out the tools from the past, along with modern

versions for many, that will fulfill your needs if the lights go out. We will also discuss the

quality you will need to last you a lifetime and where you can find them. Live demos for most!

  1. Beekeeping - Ryan Lehman, Sean McLaughlin, and Jason Fought

Introduction to catching and raising wild bee colonies. Tips on how to breed and keep queens healthy and how to set up your hive so a colony of wild bees or domesticated bees will thrive.

Details coming soon!

  1. Youth Archery - Dave Runkle - Wildland Firefighter, Wildlife specialist, and Technician for Vinton Soil and Water Conservation District

Youth ages 5 and up can learn the basics of archery shooting and safety. The children will take turns practicing their aim in small groups after instruction time during the class session. Each session of this class is limited to 20 youth attendees and pre-registration is required. 

  1. Building A Natural Fork Slingshot - Jamie Boggs of Burning River Bushcraft

In this course we will be crafting a flat band slingshot from a tree fork. Starting with a precut fork you will carve the fork to fit your hand. You will also be provided with a precut leather pouch and cut latex bands. With the supplied materials we will assemble the bands and attach the bandset to give you the perfect draw length. 

Learn shooting grips and practice with your new slingshot on a reactive steel target range. This course is fun for all ages but children should be old enough to safely handle a knife or have an adult to assist them. Youth may attend this class, but younger children will need the aid of an adult or older teen. A maximum of 25 students can attend one of the four sessions for this class. Attendees will need to bring a pocket knife. Make and Take Fee: $5. 

  1. Fishing Lure Carving - Jamie Boggs of Burning River Bushcraft

In this class you will be carving and painting a fully functional fishing lure. You will be provided wood, a pattern and taught several carving techniques to help you carve the perfect lure. You will learn how to attach the supplied hooks to the lure body. Paint and varnish will be supplied to give your lure a custom look. This class is fun for all ages but youth should be old enough to safely handle a knife (attendees need to bring a pocket knife with them) or have an adult to assist them. This class is limited to 25 attendees per session. Make and Take Fee: $5.

  1. SHTF “Ladies Only” Preparedness - AlphaSixx Foster of Holistic Preparedness

Sorry, guys, but us gals have some chatting to do! In the online survival community, we tend to see men dominate posts and topics. So, us ladies have found a great benefit in groups that help us open up and focus on topics that relate directly to our skill-strengths and needs. From moms, grandmas, families to single women of all ages working preparedness on their own, having a group of likeminded sisters is hugely beneficial. Join Sixx for a Ladies Roundtable to discuss topics and concerns that are more “lady” focused!

  1. Thrive or Cry When The SHTF? - AlphaSixx Foster - Holistic Preparedness

Let’s go beyond beans and bullets and talk about strategies you can utilize to build a more well-rounded self that is confident in your decisions and skills - no matter the situation. Come prepared to do a self-focused dive into where you are and where you want to be as a person and a prepper as Sixx guides you through some basic self-discovery activities and goal setting. If you’ve ever found yourself wishing you had a personal coach to help you get organized and intentional, you’re in the right place.

  1. CCW Laws and What Happens After The Bang  - Vinton County Sheriff Ryan Cain and On Guard Defense Gun Range and Training Center owner, AKA “Ohio’s Gun Gal” Judi Phelps

Learn the laws that not only govern acquiring a concealed carry permit, but also about open carry - Constitutional carry rules. Sheriff Cain and Judi will share insight on what to do after you use your firearm in self-defense.

  1. Orienteering - Dave Runkle Wildland Firefighter, Wildlife specialist, and Technician for Vinton Soil and Water Conservation District

Learn the basics on how to use a compass.  We will learn about declination, using a compass, pacing and judging distances.  We encourage folks to bring their own compass if they have one.

  1. Orienteering Scavenger Hunt For Kids - Dave Runkle

The children will be given a scavenger hunt card to take with them on a supervised hike to find natural treasures in the woods - and perhaps a few things that do not belong.

  1. Lady Warriors - Judi Phelps of On Guard Defense

In this ladies only class attendees will learn about situational awareness; gun safety rules, unarmed self-defense techniques and a whole lot more from highly trained and expert females. 

  1. Ammunition Reloading - Tad Lockad of Lock and Load Outfitters Limited

Learn the basics of ammo reloading and the tools and supplies needed to reload your own ammunition.

  1. Wild Foraging: A Survival Resources Walkabout - Richard Cleveland of Earth School

 Join Richard Cleveland, founder of Earth School, for an educational walkabout. Students will learn to properly identify, collect and prepare wild edible plants. Medicinal uses of these plants will also be discussed in detail. During this walk we will identfy numerous survival resources as well. Everything we need is provided by nature. Come see what you’re missing!

  1. Constitution - Scott Phelps of On Guard Defense and Professor Robert Owen

Learn about our nation’s founding document, how it applies to our everyday life, as well as the ways that it comes under attack in our modern world.

  1. Off Grid Living - Brittany and Justin Sandlin - Honey I’m Homestead

Learn about not just what day to day life is living off grid (in the case of the Sandlins, with 4 kids!) but also how to make the leap and get off the grid yourself - even if you are a newbie to this whole self-reliant way of life.

  1. Homesteading Basics - Brittany and Justin Sandlin - Honey I’m Homestead

In this class you will learn how to get started in homesteading, no matter where you live or what skills you currently possess. Get a better grasp of what everyday life is like on a homestead - especially if you have children.

  1. Knives For Kids - Madison Poole of Bombproof Bushcraft

This class will provide the kids with two useful tools to take home. First we make a two sided strop used for honing knives daily. One side will be leather, the other will be emery cloth. Then the class will make a spatula from wood using a knife. I suggest either a sharp pocket folding knife or a sharp fixed blade bushcraft type knife. Serrated blades are not recommended. KNIFE SAFETY WILL BE TAUGHT PRIOR TO THE CARVING. Parents are highly encouraged to take part with their child during the class. Class is recommended for ages 8 and up. Maximum of 20 children per class. This class will be offered Friday and Saturday only unless there is a waitlist and another class will be added on Sunday. Make and Take Fee: $5.

  1. Try Stick - Madison Poole of Bombproof Bushcraft

Learn essential notches, how to make them, and what they are used for during this class. In bushcraft, making things from the landscape means using the most readily accessible resource at hand. That is usually wood. Using a sharp fixed blade knife (preferable) you will actively create a "try stick". This is a make and take. And while the try stick is not technically useful for anything it allows you to reference and practice the notches that you can use to create almost anything out of wood in the wilderness.

  1. Herbal Salve and Chaptick - Tara Dodrill of Old School Survival Network

Attendees will learn how to make two different types of herbal salve and be able to make either their own all natural “Neosporin” or a sore muscle, joints, and tendons salve as well as an herbal chapstick. Maximum number of attendees per class for this make and take course is 30 - children are welcome but those under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult. Make and Take Fee: $10

  1. Hand Dipping Candles - Tara Dodrill of Old School Survival Network

Learn how candles are make naturally with beeswax and hand dip a set of your own to take home. This class is for adults but is appropriate for supervised children age six and up. Make and Take Fee: $7

  1. Butchering and Smoking Meat  - Randy Yates, Sarah Rodriguez, Dave Natcher, Bonnie Sue Campbell, and Arnie Rodriguez

A cow will be butchered and smoked during this all day class, where attendees watch, learn, help with the process and taste the delicious end result. This class runs throughout the day on Friday and Saturday as a drop in as you desire course.

  1. Blacksmithing  Donn Wagner of Lightning Creek Forge

Classes will run all day with a drop in and watch or schedule a hands-on training slot. More details about blacksmithing class and a Make and Take component coming soon!

  1. Gun Disarming - Mike Francis of Kage Dojo

Learn how to defend yourself against an armed attacker. This class is for attendees 13 and over only.

  1. Unarmed Self-Protection - Mike Francis of Kage Dojo

Learn self-defense techniques that can be used to help protect yourself when you are are forced or choose to be unarmed. This class is for attendees 13 and over only.

  1. -  Team Ready – The most important principles for building an Emergency Disaster Team Understanding How Psychological Warfare Works - Hakim Isler - Elite Guard President and  “The Black McGyver”

  1. Defending yourself with your walking stick  - Hakim Isler of Naked and Afraid fame and the “Black McGyver”

  1. Martial Arts For Kids - Mike Francis, Hakim Isler, and Daniel Leathers

  1. Woodworking - Chris McDaniel of Woodworking McDaniel Style

Chris will be demonstrating his woodworking skills using a portable lathe throughout the day, while educating those who stop to watch about the art of woodworking and offering tips and techniques for working with wood, especially salvaged wood.


  1. Fiber Arts And Spinning Wool - Jordan Smith

Fiber, such as wool, is a resource that people pay little attention to in today’s time.  Natural fiber items are even less understood and almost considered an oddity with the number of synthetic products now in circulation. Having the ability and skill to make your own clothing could make or break a family or group during tough time. Gloves, hats, shirts, sweaters, underwear everyday things that we take for granted could have a huge impact on our lives and make an individual quite vulnerable.

This class will discuss the sources in which fibers come from, be it animal, plant or even insect. This will cover many of the main types of sources and the multiple uses for them in the prepper and homesteading lifestyle. 

You will get to see first-hand the type of equipment that is ideal.  As well as getting to see and handle some of the fibers up-close. I will also present and show how these fibers can be used and handled in its final process.   You will leave with a simple set of plans to build your own drop spindle. We will also discuss how to begin your new fiber adventure.

This class will allow you to walk away with a whole new view on this great resource.

  1. HAM Radio - Randall Lynch 

This class will be taught in different intervals throughout the weekend so attendees can learn about all of the required training and equipment needed to sit for a HAM radio and how the radios work as a reliable source of communication both now and during a long-term disaster.

  1. Axe Making - Matt Justice of Beaver Creek Bushcraft

Learn how to make a hanging axe head and asssemble an entire axe. The basics of axe making will be held as a single hour class on Friday. On Saturday and Sunday attendees can either watch the axe making process or sign up for a make and take class to make an axe to take home with them and work alongside Matt he demonstrates this skilled art. Make and Take session is limited to six attendees but watching the demonstration is open to all who wish to attend.

  1. Goat Milking and Husbandry - Donna Dailey

Attendees will learn about raising and breeding goats and get the chance to learn how to milk a nanny during the class.

  1. Basic Survival Knots - Daniel Leathers of Ox In The Wild

This class will cover numerous basic knots, hitches, etc and based on time will delve into lashing. This class is geared to the beginner and is suitable for youth and adults. Youth under 12 will need a parent or other adult to assist. Knots include the square knot, half hitch, bowline, etc. 

  1. Ropework - Daniel Leathers of Ox In The Wild

Basic Lashing. Building on the basic knot class, we will expand into lashing techniques in order to build cool camp gadgets. This is a basic class and is geared toward the beginner

  1. Pioneering Rope Work - Daniel Leathers of Ox In The Wild

This class builds on the concepts in Basic Lashing class. The students will use what they’ve learned to build camp gadgets such as flagpoles, ladders, tables, chairs, etc. - which gadgets will depend on time available.

  1. Fermenting The Survival Garden - Suzanne Upton Shires

Class Details Coming Soon!

  1. Wild Edibles - Suzanne Upton Shires

Class Details Coming Soon!

  1. Colloidal Silver - Jon Wemmer

Learn how to make colloidal silver and about all of its many traditional uses.

  1. Tallow Making And Uses - Brea Miller of Miller’s Natural Living

Learn how to make tallow, create an all natural balm to take home and receive a recipe booklet. Class is limited to 20 attendees per session. Make and Take Fee: $10.

  1. Primitive Archery  James Miller of Miller’s Natural Living

Learn how to make and use primitive bows and arrows, testing your new skills on archery targets during the class session. Class limited to 25 attendees per session.

  1. Gardening For Kids - Sarah Clancy

Sarah will be teaching children basic gardening skills using the same STEM focused model she had delighted children with for years in her Las Vegas elementary school classroom.

  1. Bug Out Vehicle - Dave Canterbury

Consideration for a bug out vehicle course will focus upon self-sustainment, storage, distance concerns, recovery and repair, peripheral power options, advantages/disadvantages of vehicle vs foot travel, additional conveyances, and terrain concerns.

  1. Growing Up In A Communist Country: An Immigrant’s Story - Professor Robert Owen

Learn what life was like growing up in a Communist country, why you would never want to do that, and signs to be on the watch for that communism or socialism is creeping into America

  1. Math And Science For Preppers - Professor Robert Owen

Hone your math and science skills for vital survival estimates:  How to measure height of a tree w/o climbing it. How many cords of wood can one get from one tree? How to build a house with no heat expenses in winter, and how long does food really stay safely edible

  1. Basic First Aid and Emergency Medical On Your Own  - Medical Prepping Class - Chuck Dailey

This class will begin by teaching the basics of first aid and health and then progress into more skilled techniques of more advanced first aid.

  1. Solar Power and Aquaponics  - Chuck Dailey

Learn how to set up and use solar power to establish an aquaponics survival growing operation to help feed yourself and your loved ones both now and during a long-term disaster. 

  1. Brain Tanning Hides - Mary Elizabeth Williams

Attendees will get to watch how the brain tanning of hides and can also choose to participate in the class as a make and take project, completing the work over several hours each day throughout the weekend. 

  1. Leather Bracelet Braiding - Mary Elizabeth Williams

Children will learn how to braid leather into bracelets and take one home with them during this class.

  1. Canning Meat - Sarah Rodriguez

Learn how to take fresh meat and preserve it via pressure canning so it is shelf stable for a minimim of two years.

  1. Starting Seeds and Growing Crops - Sarah Rodriguez

Attendees will learn how to start and preserve seeds so they can replenish their gardens year after year. They will also learn how to test their soil health simply and quickly at home and how to create a compsot pile. This class will also have a seed starting make and take component - more details coming soon.

  1. Canning Jelly Over An Open Flame - Donna Dailey

Learn how to can fruits and vegetables over an open flame. In this make and take class attendees will work with the expert canning presenter to create a delicous and natural jelly of their very own to take home.

  1. Rabbit Husbandry  - Deb Summers

Learn how to keep rabbits for meat as well as how to process and preserve the meat that you raise. Rabbit husbandry is an excellent protein livestock to raise whether you are blessed to live on a larger homestead or have only a small backyard to work with when starting this type of farm to table operation for your family.

  1. Kayaking and Canoeing - Raccoon Creek Outfitters

Learn self-reliance watercraft uses and safety while taking a spin on the pond.

  1. Our Rights and Freedoms Class - Heartland Defenders

Class Details Coming Soon!

  1. Essential Oils - Shanelle McLaughlin

Learn the basics of essential oil use, preparation, and longevity. In this class attendees will learn how to use some of the most common and potent essential oils to benefit their health and to keep their homes clean naturally.

  1. Trauma Tools - David Dietrich of GetReady! Emergency Planning Center

This is a hands-on presentation of the primary life-saving tools used by military

members and professional first responders in the field.  These purpose-built devices

will provide you with the ability to stabilize serious bleeding and breathing injuries

before trained responders arrive on the scene.  

Without oxygen, a bleeding/breathing victim has about ten minutes to live.  Since the average EMS response time is seven minutes, he has at best a 30% survival rate under normal conditions. Therefore, every step you take immediately could dramatically increase chances to live. The main point is that you don’t have time to wait for

someone else to respond and take action.  If you choose to accept it, that

responsibility falls on you.  

During the workshop, we will discuss the importance of blood to the human body

and the impact of serious bleeding on bodily functions.  Then we will consider types

of bleeding and the methods of addressing each.  Several tourniquet options will be

demonstrated.  We will consider other applications as well, including pressure

dressings, chest seals, and clotting agents.  

Finally, we will discuss breathing trauma

and how to effectively address conditions arising from obstructions and disruptions.

Your take away from this workshop will be an increased understanding of your role

as a first responder.  And combined with complete trauma kits, as well as the

components found at the GetReady! booth, you will be confident in your basic

lifesaving ability.

  1. Water Prepping For Health And Storage - David Dietrich of GetReady! Emergency Planning Center

This presentation addresses the critical nature of water both in our everyday lives

and in meeting our long-term survival needs. For the typical person in an urban

environment, water is delivered without fanfare and in an almost unlimited

quantity. It is also potable, meaning we don’t have to be concerned about

contracting illnesses by its consumption. While country folk among us may have to

work a little harder to get the water they need, they still aren’t usually limited by its

amount or quality. It is only when things go south that water becomes precious and

paramount. The main point is that you should have a viable plan to address your

water needs wherever you are. You don’t have the luxury of waiting until your faucet

runs dry to begin addressing the matter. 

The time to prepare is now! During the seminar, we will discuss the importance of water to the human body and the impact of its shortage on bodily functions. Then we will move on to the water cycle from a consumer’s perspective. Next, we will lay out the basic aspects of a water plan. These include sources, access, collection, transportation, storage, preparation, and consumption. Finally, we will discuss methods of water

conservation, to drastically reduce unnecessary use. Your take away from this

seminar will be an increased understanding of the role of water in our lives and how

you can establish and maintain sufficient water to carry on under long-term duress.

And combined with water treatment products found at the GetReady! booth, you will

be confident in your ability to survive.

  1.  Bird Language For Kids - Roman Shapla

Why are Birds called the guardians of the forest? Can Birds tell you when an animal is approaching? Join us as we learn common local species, their five basic voices, and how their sounds and movements can give clues to what’s happening in the woods around us.

  1.  Wildlife Stealth And Camo For Kids - Roman Shapla

Join us in this interactive class as we practice techniques to move silently through the woods. Learn how to walk like a Fox, Deer, Rabbit and more. Discover how to blend in with nature, get closer to animals, and even disappear!

  1.  Less Than Lethal Weapons For The Prepared Citizen - Ryan Jones

In this class, I will present, discuss and demonstrate the use of less than lethal weapons and tools that are available for civilians and where they can fit into an individual or community based self defense plan.  Time will be spent on PROVEN, commonly available less lethal systems, how they operate, their effects and their advantages / limitations.  The less lethal tools demonstrated and discussed I have personally used in violent confrontations in the real world.  We will also discuss the legal, moral and ethical implications of having these systems as part of a self defense plan. Inert demonstrations of the available systems will be conducted.  


*** Classes subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances.