Butchering Classes At Old School Survival Boot Camp 2022

Old School Survival Boot Camp is a 3-day hands-on self-reliance event held May 13-15, 2022 in the Hocking Hills region of Ohio. Over 78 hands-on survival, blacksmithing, homesteading, bushcraft, off grid living, prepping, herbalism, butchering, homeschooling, and martial arts classes will be offered by 35+ experts from around the country. Join folks from 10 states eager to enhance their self-reliance skills!

Old School Survival Boot Camp 2022 Butchering Class Schedule: Friday - hog, Saturday, cow, and Sunday - poultry birds. Master butcher Randy Yates and his crew: Arnie and Sarah Rodriguez, Shana Gambill, Bonnie Sue Campbell, and Dave Natcher will be butchering throughout each day with a designated start time on the schedule - a washing station will be set-up in the butchering area so attendees who choose to learn butchering in a hands-on manner clean and sanitize their hands both before and after participating in the class. Supervised children are welcome in the class. www.oldschoolsurvivalbootcamp.com

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