Chicken Keeping Log Book

This chicken keeping log book is 200 pages long. The poultry keeping log was created to help poultry bird owners to record and keep information about the health and production of their flock all in one easy place for quick use and reference. This log book will aid in the tracking of all the most important information about your chicken flock on a monthly basis for five years. The chicken keeping log book contains chicken records, feed tracking, egg production, hatchling records, bird health recording pages. The log book also has designated pages to track your chicken keeping income and expenses, brooder log, to do lists, taxes, as well as coop cleaning and maintenance pages. You can also jot down any other information about your flock that you think could be important to remember on the lined blank notes and pages.

  • The chicken record pages offer space to track basic information about your chickens such as their breed, age, weight, color, date of birth, purchase date, cost to purchase, leg tag ID or name.

  • Record the daily and seasonal egg production rate of individual chickens and the flock as whole.

  • On the hatching records page of the chicken tracking log book you can note the size and frequency of egg clutches by individual hens, incubator and natural hen incubating records, and track the average number of chick deaths and successful pullets and cockerels that emerge from each hen.

  • Record the feed habits of your chickens, as well as the amount you feed the flock during various seasons and how much you spend on feed. You can also track the healthy snack consumption, free range feeding habits, and scraps fed to the poultry birds.

  • On the chicken keeping log book health record pages you can note the overall condition of your chickens during a quick visual weekly or monthly health check, illness of injuries sustained by individual chickens and how you treated the conditions, as well the death of a bird.

  • The chicken keeping log book income and expenses section allows you to track not just feed costs but any and all expenses related to keeping a flock of poultry birds - and to record money you made from selling chicks, eggs, or mature breeder poultry birds.

  • In the coop maintenance section you can track your coop cleaning and general maintenance or expansion habits, the amount of straw you use during the winter to keep the chickens warm, replacement costs for feed and water tubs, etc.

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