Early Bird Ticket Sale Ends At Midnight

Hello Old School Survival Boot Campers. Today is the last day to get the cheapest ticket prices deals for the 2023 event. The Early Bird Sale ends at Midnight tonight. There are now nearly 130 hands-on or interactive survival, homesteading, bushcraft, off grid living, blacksmithing, butchering, homeschooling, foraging, herbalism, and martial arts classes.

After you purchase tickets you will immediately be redirected to the class registration page. If you do not want to register for classes immediately, you can use the private class registration link that will arrive on your ticket purchase receipt to register at a future time(s). On-site camping is now open, as well. Visit the event website and click on the camping tab to reach the reservation page.

On the www.oldschoolsurvivalbootcamp.com website you can also view the schedule, class descriptions, and presenter bios.