Goat Record Keeping Log Book

This 254-page goat record keeping log book is designed to aid goat owners in keeping all of the important husbandry information about their goat herd in one handy place for quick reference.

The goat record keeping log boat contains: doe profiles, Billy/buck profiles, kidding season information records, individual goat pedigree tracking records, medical information records, breeding record, milk production, feed records, goat barn/pen maintenance and repair records, straw and hay use records, project planning pages, goat purchases and sales records, tax records, pages for important contact information, note pages, a goat weight and measuring guide and reference chart, as well as a gestation and breeding date chart.

You can keep records on more than 30 goats in this single goat record keeping log book.

Some highlights from the goat keeping record book:

  • On the doe and Billy/buck information records you can track your goats’ essential basic information, such as their name, breed, physical characteristics, registration information, their pedigree, photo, and date of birth and/or acquisition, medical records, and note taking space..

  • The medical information records page allows you to track your goats’ injuries and illness history, treatment history, parasite control and vaccination history, as well as testing records.

  • The breeding and kidding information records page offers areas to track pregnancies and kidding season records for each doe and to record important facts about each kid produced. It also features pedigree charts, sire breeding habits tracking space, and note keeping space.

  • The milk production page permits you to record the daily milk produced by each doe.

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