Hands-On Gardening Class For Kids At Old School Survival Boot Camp


In the gardening class for kids the children will learn how seeds grow, how to sprout their own sunflower, pumpkin, or vegetable seed in a container they can decorate and take home with them. They will also learn about the different parts of soil, composting, saving seeds from the fruit and vegetables they eat so they can grow more plants, as well as how food is harvested and preserved. The children will be given a little snack of fresh fruits and veggies to eat during the class and some gardening activity sheets to work on and take home with them.

Old School Survival Boot Camp is a 1 to 3-day hands-on self-reliance event held May 13-15, 2022 in the Hocking Hills region of Ohio. Over 78 hands-on survival, blacksmithing, homesteading, bushcraft, off grid living, prepping, herbalism, butchering, homeschooling, and martial arts classes will be offered by 35+ experts from around the country. Join folks from 10 states eager to enhance their self-reliance skills! Many special classes just for kids!

Children under six can attend this class but will need to do so with an adult or teen sibling. To register for this and all make and take classes, visit www.oldschoolsurvivalbootnetwork.com and go to the Shop section or visit the shop section directly by clicking the link below - https://www.oldschoolsurvivalnetwork.com/shop?page=3

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