Homesteading Bingo Learning Set: Barnyard Edition

The Homesteading Heritage Bingo: Barnyard Series learning activity pack will teach and build upon a child's knowledge of what farm livestock gives us, where they live, what they eat, and the proper identifies for young and mature animals of each sex - while enhancing reading and comprehension skills.

There are four different Homesteading Heritage bingo cards asking comprehension questions about farm livestock and related materials and equipment. You can plan a traditional round of bingo with the cards or use them as an interactive matching worksheet or lapbook activity. Children who are not yet prepared to read on the level necessary to engage in the activity independently can still easily showcase and grow their livestock knowledge with the help of an older child or adult reading the bingo card questions for them.

The second set of four Homestead Heritage Bingo cards asks far simpler questions, including what sound the animals make and matching the picture on the bingo card markers with the animal name on the card. To utilize the name matching aspects when using as an interactive worksheet or playing a traditional game of bingo, simply cover the words on the bottom of the bingo markers with you finger when holding them up, or print off a second set of the markers and cut off the word on the marker.

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