Kroger And Harris Teeter Choose Woke Culture Over Patriotism

Americans eager to celebrate our nation’s birthday by donning some patriotic gear need not bother shopping at Kroger and Harris Teeter for some red, white, and blue swag. The grocery store chains rapidly caved in to Twitter posts blasting them for “insensitivity” and general disregard for woke culture in the United States.

T-shirts depicting a bald eagle and Founding Father Patrick Henry’s “Give me liberty, or give me death” phrase were but one of the pro-America products ripped from the shelves after the grocery chains bowed down to the power of liberal social media posters.

“As soon as these items were brought to our attention we put a recall request into place and these items are being removed from all store locations.” - a Harris Teeter tweet in response to a complaint, read.

A drink koozie featuring the likeness of Thomas Jefferson that read, “Arms Change, Rights Don’t” showing the former president holding both an AR-15 and a copy of the Second Amendment was also deemed too offensive to remain inside the stores.

A handful of Americans who still believe in freedom did push back at the woke tweets and response by the grocery retailers.

“I have a family of 6 and spend almost $200/wk in your stores. Every weekend dozens of people are shot in Chicago. Many are children. I just saw you sell "Chicago Style Pizza"...this seems very insensitive.” one response to the Harris Teeter tweet, said.

Another flabbergasted tweet in response to the online woke angst cautioned Kroger and Harris Teeter to remove any koozies that depict cars because “102 people die per day in traffic accidents.”

The Harris Teeter and Kroger controversy picked up momentum after Christy Clark, a former North Carolina state representative who is running for office once again, tweeted about the patriotic shirts and koozies. John Bradford, the current holder of the 98th House District seat, lambasted Clark for launching into a political correctness tirade and then turning comments off on her now viral post.

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