New Old School Survival Boot Camp Instructor Added

Old School Survival Boot Camp Presenter Highlight - Boondockery Youtube Channel creator - John Timms.

John Timms is a life-long student and explorer of the forest. From central Florida to South Eastern Ohio, John’s youth was spent in the forest.

Upon graduating High School John enlisted in the U.S. Army and earned the M.O.S. of 19 Delta, Cavalry Scout. John took to “sneaking and peaking” like a fish takes to water. In a very short period of time, John had mastered all the skills necessary to perform his duty and develop many other skills that would fine tune his role as a Scout.

From deserts to mountainous high country and jungle environments, John learned to become one with his surroundings and execute his mission regardless of terrain or weather conditions. John received medals of Achievement and Commendation for his achievements.

After leaving the military the world was in the peak of the cold war. Most people believed that it was just a matter of when we would fight a war with the former Soviet Union as apposed to “IF” we would fight “The War”. While John pursued his first degree he also studied, prepared and practiced the skills of a “Survivalist”.

As the “Iron Curtain” fell, John had already begun to pursue another of his passions, History. John, not being one to learn passively he learned by doing via, Historical Reenacting, Experimental Archeology, Historical Trekking and Teaching. The vast majority of the 20 plus years John pursued these passions was spent with his fellow veterans in “Hobb’s Company, Of His Majesties Independent Company Of Rangers."

This French and Indian War company of provincial rangers, trained and lived as their historical counterparts. Training on their own every month regardless to weather conditions, they mastered the skills and accoutrements of the 18th century ranger. The Companies dedication was not unnoticed and was asked to lead a number of 18th century ranger schools. The company was also recruited to participate in several (5 to be exact) History Channel Documentaries. This later went on to participating in documentaries for National and State historical sites.

As the company disbanded, John became associated with Gerry Barker of “Frontier Resources”. Frontier Resources took History to an extreme level of execution and dedication. Although John participated in many endeavors with the group, the highlights were “The Cherokee Campaign” and the construction of the 18th century trade station “Martins Station."

These were complete emersion endeavors. Wear only 18th century clothing, they worked using only 18th century tools, materials and techniques, while maintaining an 18th century work schedule and diet. These were long term commitments that was as close to time traveling as one can get.

John’s knowledge and skills had become as much a part of who and what he was as anything he had experienced in the contemporary world.

John has now transitioned into yet another phase of his life and passions in the form of contemporary Bushcrafting and Wild Camping. The merging of the new with the old has become yet another world for John to explore. He shares his journey through his YouTube channel, “Boonedockery.

Old School Survival Boot Camp is a 3-day hands-on self-reliance event held May 13-15, 2022 in the Hocking Hills region of Ohio. Over 78 hands-on survival, blacksmithing, homesteading, bushcraft, off grid living, prepping, herbalism, butchering, homeschooling, and martial arts classes will be offered by 35+ experts from around the country. Join folks from 19 states eager to enhance their self-reliance skills!

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