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Jamie Schmotzer of JW Apothecary - Herbalism Classes

I grew up camping from a young age. It’s how I was raised. We went camping as a family since I was a baby, and as soon as I was old enough, I started Cub Scouts. As a teen and young adult, I kept up camping as a way to connect with people and relax. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I heard of this new word: Bushcraft.

After being introduced to the world of Bushcraft, I took the Basic Class at the Pathfinder School in April of 2015 and became friends with the man, the myth, the legend, and my friend – the one and only Jamie Burleigh, who was Dave Canterbury’s right hand man for so many years and now is the co-owner and co-founder of the Old World Alliance,a subscription based online source of bushcraft goodness and more.

At the Pathfinder Basic Class I also met Jason Hunt, owner of Campcraft Outdoors, and now, years later, I’m a Brand Ambassador for his family owned & operated business. Late 2019, at its inception, I was brought on as one of the founding instructors of the Old World Alliance, along with Jason Hunt, where I focused on family herbalism and the home apothecary.

As I wrote in my contribution to the book, Fire Cider!, published last year and written by rockstar herbalist Rosemary Gladstar & Friends (including me!), perhaps my herbal journey all started when I watched the pilot episode of the television series called Kung Fu back in the 1970’s and saw the main character, Kwai Chang Caine, pull herbs out of his haversack after walking across a desert to help him recover from the journey. Somehow that made an impact on me that still reverberates within me to this day.

It wasn’t until I delved deeper into bushcraft, however, that I began realizing that making plant medicine is simply an extension of being a woodsman, and so I gradually learned methods of preparing herbs and making home remedies. After learning how easy it really is to get the basics down, and after gaining lots more experience, I became eager to share what I had learned with other people, and that brings us to where I’m at today - helping people get started in the world of herbalism and setting up their very own home apothecary by founding JW Apothecary LLC and being an affiliate for The Herbal Academy and also for Rocky Mountain Oils.

Besides camping, bushcraft, herbalism, and being a novice Civil War reenactor (Union civilian), I’m also a musician. I started playing the piano at church when I was 12 years old, and eventually I became fascinated with Blues guitar. Up until the Covid-19 pandemic struck I could be found jamming the Blues at a local bar every Thursday night, which I found to be quite therapeutic. You can find some of my playing on my YouTube channel, which is linked below.

Additionally, I’m an ordained Anglican clergyman. I started seminary in January of 2010, graduated with an M.A. in Ministry in 2012, continued on to earn M.Div equivalency and have nearly completed a D.Min in Ascetical Theology from Nashotah House Theological Seminary in Wisconsin. I also completed the certificate program in Spiritual Direction through the Ignatian Spirituality Institute at John Carroll University in 2015. After four years of being the Vicar of All Saints Anglican Church in North Canton, Ohio, I began a sabbatical in November of 2019 to focus on building JW Apothecary LLC.

I created so that people who dig what I do have a single place to go to connect with everything that I’m up to. Thanks for coming along on the ride with me!

Links to my social media presence can be found on my website! Check out my YouTube channel, where you’ll find videos related to camping, bushcraft, herbalism, and even some Blues!

Hakim Isler teaching a martial arts class at Old School Survival Boot Camp 2021.

Hakim Isler - Elite Guard President

Hakim Isler (aka the Black MacGyver) is the nation’s premier professional African-American survival expert. A combat veteran, Isler studied at the U.S. Army’s Survivial, Escape, Resistance and Evasion (SERE-C) school before undertaking advanced survival training at several Survival Schools. He is a specialist in combat weapons, executive security, close protection, disaster psychology, and psychological operations; is trained in both asset and event protection; and is certified in emergency management, disaster mitigation, human intelligence, shooting tactics, tactical combat casualty care, and wilderness first aid.

Isler instructs at various levels, ranging from training high-level professionals in defensive tactics to teaching kids at his own dojo for 15 years (he is a fifth-degree black belt in Ninjutsu and a Guru in Kali and Silat). The author of several emergency preparedness manuals on survival and of four books, Isler has also invented and patented survival-related products.

His expertise in survival, defense, and escape tactics within both wilderness and urban environments led to his appearances on Discovery Channel’s Naked and Afraid and Naked and Afraid XL, FOX’s Kicking and Screaming, and Discovery’s First Man Out—not to mention The Kelly Clarkson Show. With a strong belief in supporting community, Isler has developed inner-city youth empowerment programs and is founder and president of The Soil Foundation, a wilderness therapy and survival training nonprofit.

Hakim is a primitive outdoor survival expert beginning as a student in the U.S. Army Survival, Escape, Resistance and Evasion (SERE) School.

After the military, he went on to receive advanced survival training at Earth Connections Survival School (VA) and has since been honing his skills around the world. He is now recognized as a world-class survival expert, the first professional-level African-American survivalist in the country – specializing in survival, defense and escape tactics within both wilderness and urban environments.

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Dave Canterbury - NYT Best Selling Author, Adventurer, Entrepreneur, Influencer, Survival and Wilderness Skills Instructor

Dave has posted over 1900 Self Reliance-themed instructional videos on the web. He has over 750,000 subscribers worldwide and over 85,000,000 video views. He has a following of almost 2,000,000 across 4 SM platforms Dave has been published in New Pioneer, American Frontiersman Magazines, Bushcraft and Survival Magazine (Cover) and Backwoodsman (Cover).

Dave's Book BushCraft 101 is on Amazon Best Seller List and has been for over 7 years, as well as being a 2 time NY Times Best Seller and has been translated to 6 foreign languages. He has 6 other Published offerings as well in the Bushcraft Series through Simon and Schuster on Amazon and in Bookstores worldwide.

He is also a Military Veteran (1981-1988), Co-Owner of the Pathfinder School LLC in SE Ohio and has students Worldwide in this capacity he has also trained members of most LE Govt groups, as well as many Spec Ops Troops in the US Military. The Pathfinder School is listed as one of the top 12 Survival School in the U.S. by USA TODAY.

His methodology for Survival is based on what he coins the 5C’s of Survivability; these are the 5 items that have been used cross-culturally from ancient times to affect Survival. Dave is also the Co-Owner of Self Reliance Outfitters, Pathfinder Knife Shop, and Pathfinder Forge and Tool Certified Open Water Diver (PADI) Certified 6 Sigma Black Belt Certification in Advanced Search and Rescue Wilderness First Aid/CPR Certified as an Expert Trapper by the Fur Takers of America.

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AlphaSixx Foster of Aplha Sixx LLC and Holistic Preparedness

Sixx Foster (known as AlphaSixx in the Preparedness and Patriot communities) and has been part of the SHTF Prepping and Survival website and Facebook team since 2016. The SHTF motto of “common sense preparedness” has highly influenced her teaching and coaching through helping folks simplify topics and discussions to be based in real life situations and circumstances.

AlphaSixx Foster and two of her kiddos cruising around Old School Survival Boot Camp in the evening after the final day in 2021.

She is a Health and Wellness Coach in-training and is launching Holistic Preparedness this year which focuses on providing even more robust educational and personal coaching opportunities for her fans and friends to help round out how to balance life and prepping as a sustainable lifestyle.

AlphaSixx with Dave Canterbury during OSS Boot Camp 2021.

Sixx - with her entrepreneur husband and 4 (homeschooled) kids – lives part-time in Indiana (urban) and Michigan (rural). Their family just recently bought their piece of land and are looking forward to building their custom butcher shop, workshop, and happy home in the coming years while gardening, raising animals and kids together with extended family next door. She is looking forward to sitting for her national boards for nutrition and health coaching this year while focusing the next school year solely on herbology.

Justin and Brittany Sandlin of Honey I'm Homestead

Last year Brittany and Justin Sandlin cut the cord and left modern society behind in late 2020. They, along with their three adorable young boys, are now living entirely off grid in a camper in the beautiful hills of southern Ohio. As Brittany puts it, they "said goodbye to life as we knew it and said hello to a hopeful, yet uncertain future!"

This young couple grabbed each other's hands and took a massive leap of faith. They launched the Honey I'm Homestead YouTube channel and Facebook page to document their inspirational journey.

"Although we’ve never traveled the roads ahead of us, we knew for certain staying on the roads we already knew were only taking us to a dead end or at best, a round-a-bout of stress and grief.

Life is messy, I’m not saying the answer is as simple as packing up and moving into a camper off-grid with your family. The healing starts with bringing your problems to the forefront, acknowledging them for what they are, and then working through them.

Brittany and Justin Sandlin chatting with a 2021 Old School Survival Boot Camp attendee after one of their “Honey I’m Homestead” classes.

What makes us different from everyone else? NOTHING! We had plenty of excuses to not sell out. We could have stayed in our comfort zone and everyone would have said we did our best.

Ultimately it came down to survival. We could not and would not have thrived in life if we wouldn’t have taken this chance. And chance it may be, but the alternative was inevitably doomed. We would rather go down giving it hell than sit down and settle. What’s stopping you? Grab the one you love and forge ahead! Brittany and Justin Sandlin chose a life that many folks dream of, but are not sure they have the knowledge, skills, or stamina to embark upon successfully.

They feel the financial freedom paired with a minimalistic lifestyle has allowed them to really focus on what’s important to their family.

They find great value working closely with the land, growing nutritious food, and having quality family time. We gave up luxuries like television, high speed internet, and long hot baths, but we’ve gained a new life changing perspective and a whole new appreciation for each other!

Justin and ​Brittany​ are passionate about raising heritage breed livestock. Brittany​​ truly possesses the ability to look at a blank canvas and see what could be.​ She gardens on a large scale, ​serves as the butcher on the homestead, and is studying various methods of tanning.

Roman Shapla

Growing up in Kentucky, Roman spent every waking minute outdoors. Hiking in the woods, building forts, climbing trees, and catching fireflies were all an integral part of his childhood. He believes immersion in nature is vital for proper child development and it is every kid’s birthright to experience the feeling of Freedom in Wilderness.

Roman teaches youth to live by Wendell Berry’s motto: “The most capable is the most free.” While earning his B.S. in Cultural Anthropology, Roman focused on child-rearing practices among Hunter-Gatherers. The scientific evidence helped explain why children who can hunt and forage are more respectful, skillful, involved, and joyful. Later he pursued a Master's in Teaching with elementary authorization while creating a K-12 curriculum based entirely on earth skills and nature connection.

His past experience includes working as the Director of Education for a Children’s Museum (where he oversaw Summer Camps, Homeschool Classes, and designing educational content for exhibits) as well as teaching full-time