Old School Survival Boot Camp Welcome Packet

Welcome to Old School Survival Boot Camp 2022! In less than two weeks we will all be together learning and having a great time. Below you will find some important details you need to know before venturing to boot camp.

Event Address

You can find the Vinton County Fairgrounds address and Mapquest map on the event website: www.oldschoolsurvivalbootcamp.com

Shirts and Hats

If you ordered Old School Survival Boot Camp gear from our shop, as already noted, you pick it up during the event from the Spring Street Sports/BBQ booth. Please refer to the event map and key to find the location.

If you did not order Old School Survival Boot Camp T-shirts, Tank shirts, Ladies Cut V-Neck Shirts, Long Sleeve T-Shirts, Crew Neck Sweatshirts, Hoodies, or Embroidered Ball Caps when they were availabe in the Old School Survival Network, you may still be able to order them from our screen printer John McGee by emailing Spring Street Sports directly: springstsports@yahoo.com or calling the store: (740) 596-8337 John typically brings some extra shirts to sell at the event, but both quantity and sizes will be limited.

Available Old School Survival Boot Camp Gear Options And Prices

Price the same for youth small through adult 2XL

  • T-shirts $15

  • Long Sleeve T-shirts $15.50

  • Crew Neck Sweatshirts $25

  • Hoodie $30

  • Tank Shits $15

  • V-Neck Ladies Cut Shirt $15

  • Hats $ 21

Gear Logo

Class Updates

Registrations for Make and Take of Maximum Capacity Classes has closed. These were the ONLY classes that required any type of registration.

Of the 82 classes being offered at Old School Survival Boot Camp 2022, only a small handful required registration because they had either a make and take component and an additional materials fee or had a maximum capacity due to supplied gear (bow, fishing pole, etc.) and safety concerns. The classes that required registration can no longer be booked but can still be viewed in the Old School Survival Network (www.oldschoolsurvivalnetwork.com) Shop page.

Although many of these classes were fully booked at the time registration closed, there are some that can still handle a few more students. With a few noted exceptions below, If you send us an email we will TRY to get you into open spots in any of the following classes. Email: oldschoolsurvivalbc@gmail.com

If you used the Old School Survival Network Shop to register for any of Jamie Schmotzer or Jamie Bogg’s classes and did not follow through and pay the instructor’s directly via the PayPal address they had listed in the class post, you have not yet secured your seat. Although registration has ended, you can still view the class postings in the shop to retrieve the needed Paypal addresses and contact information for the instructors to complete your registration.

Classes that as of right this minute have a little extra space:

  1. Open Flame Canning Strawberry Jam on Friday $7 fee

  2. Open Flame Canning Dandelion Jam on Saturday $7 fee