Old School Survival Boot Camp Welcome Packet

Welcome to Old School Survival Boot Camp 2022! In less than two weeks we will all be together learning and having a great time. Below you will find some important details you need to know before venturing to boot camp.

Event Address

You can find the Vinton County Fairgrounds address and Mapquest map on the event website:

Shirts and Hats

If you ordered Old School Survival Boot Camp gear from our shop, as already noted, you pick it up during the event from the Spring Street Sports/BBQ booth. Please refer to the event map and key to find the location.

If you did not order Old School Survival Boot Camp T-shirts, Tank shirts, Ladies Cut V-Neck Shirts, Long Sleeve T-Shirts, Crew Neck Sweatshirts, Hoodies, or Embroidered Ball Caps when they were availabe in the Old School Survival Network, you may still be able to order them from our screen printer John McGee by emailing Spring Street Sports directly: or calling the store: (740) 596-8337 John typically brings some extra shirts to sell at the event, but both quantity and sizes will be limited.

Available Old School Survival Boot Camp Gear Options And Prices

Price the same for youth small through adult 2XL

  • T-shirts $15

  • Long Sleeve T-shirts $15.50

  • Crew Neck Sweatshirts $25

  • Hoodie $30

  • Tank Shits $15

  • V-Neck Ladies Cut Shirt $15

  • Hats $ 21

Gear Logo

Class Updates

Registrations for Make and Take of Maximum Capacity Classes has closed. These were the ONLY classes that required any type of registration.

Of the 82 classes being offered at Old School Survival Boot Camp 2022, only a small handful required registration because they had either a make and take component and an additional materials fee or had a maximum capacity due to supplied gear (bow, fishing pole, etc.) and safety concerns. The classes that required registration can no longer be booked but can still be viewed in the Old School Survival Network ( Shop page.

Although many of these classes were fully booked at the time registration closed, there are some that can still handle a few more students. With a few noted exceptions below, If you send us an email we will TRY to get you into open spots in any of the following classes. Email:

If you used the Old School Survival Network Shop to register for any of Jamie Schmotzer or Jamie Bogg’s classes and did not follow through and pay the instructor’s directly via the PayPal address they had listed in the class post, you have not yet secured your seat. Although registration has ended, you can still view the class postings in the shop to retrieve the needed Paypal addresses and contact information for the instructors to complete your registration.

Classes that as of right this minute have a little extra space:

  1. Open Flame Canning Strawberry Jam on Friday $7 fee

  2. Open Flame Canning Dandelion Jam on Saturday $7 fee

  3. Open Flame Canning Blackberry Jam on Sunday $7 fee

  4. Gardening For Kids has a few spots all three days with a $3 fee

  5. Seed Starting and Composting has a few openings all three days - $5 fee

  6. Martial Arts for Kids has a few open spots on all three days, most of which are in the Saturday or Sunday classes - no fee.

  7. The Sunday Woodsman Essential Oil class offered by Jamie Schmotzer currently has 18 open spots. $20 fee for the take home kit. Spots will be filled via first come first served at Jamie’s tent before class starts or by emailing him and purchasing the class through Paypal in advance - do not use the email above, to snag a spot in this one, folks use this one for the presenter:

  8. There are some spots left in two of the fishing lure carving classes. To snag a spot in one of these classes ($5 fee) see the instructor Jamie Boggs before his classes start - filled first come, first served.

Again, only the handful of classes that had a make and take component and fee or a maximum capacity notation, required registration. The bulk of the classes you merely choose to attend at will during the event. You can find the class descriptions on the event website:

Class Updates:

  • The hide tanning class by Mary Elizabeth Williams will be interactive and take attendees through the entire process, but will not now include a make and take component. Williams was concerned about the process taking up the bulk of the attendee’s hours each of all three days and preventing them from going to any other class to finish either a portion of a hide or a whole hide they would purchase as part of the make and take. All those who signed up for the class (no payment had been made yet for the make and take compnent) are still on her roster for the start of the learning series that begins on Friday. All others who want to take all or part of the class can simply go to her learning area and attend without registering - until she reaches a maximum capacity of 50 people. The roster stands at 25 for at least the Friday session, now.

New Class Addition NOT on the daily event schedule but listed on the composite full event schedule.

Survival Groups - Mutual Assistance Groups Taught By Forrest Garvin of PrepperNet

Your most important prep is being in a survival group! The only people that argue against this are not in a group. This class will cover: why your “expert” is not in a group, why you need a group, how to find a group, where to find people, what to look for in others, how to talk to others about groups, how groups will change you, how to prepare yourself for a group, how many should you have in your group, how to find a quick bug out location, what due diligence should you do, roles and responsibility in a group. My survival group has been together for 20 years and I will share information that others have never shared.

Forrest Garvin is the “Prepper’s Prepper” and has served the survival industry for over 20 years as an instructor, consultant, CEO of Sun Ovens International, and as the founder of the nation-wide organization PrepperNet. Having served as a US Air Force NCO with the 317 MAC and JSOC SOLL II out of Pope Air Force Base, Forrest leveraged his military experience into a technology and security position for the Strategic Technology Group for NationsBank and Bank of America. He then created several technology startups, as well as an incubator space that led to many successes.Forrest has studied, trained, practiced, and often instructs a myriad of preparedness skills. He is an NRA instructor, HAM General license holder and operator, and Krav Maga apprentice instructor. He is the owner of Grayman Protection LLC, and the owner/lead instructor of Carolina Survival & Preparedness Academy in Charlotte, NC.

Finally, Forrest founded the Carolina Preppers Network and worked to grow it into the national group PrepperNet. PrepperNet is dedicated to providing a platform for preppers to connect and form mutual assistance groups under skilled leaders that PrepperNet has provided the training and tools needed for success. PrepperNet currently has 70,000+ members across the world and is growing.

Event Particulars You Need To Know Before You Arrive

  • The gates will open at 8 am daily. You walk through the covered wooden bridge to get your wristbands and to enter from the parking lot. You will enter this same way daily even after getting your wristband. No need to wait in line daily, just walk through the bridge (signs will note the side to get in line for tickets) and hold up your wrist so the folks working the booth can see and come on in.

  • If you lose your wristband (they are sturdy and have never fallen off or got ruined when showering, but just in case it does happen) simply wait in line and the boot camp tribe members working the table and verify your name on the ticket roster again and issue a new one.

  • A paper ticket or contest gift certificate, photo of ticket or certificate on your phone, or a photo ID showing your name to look it up on the ticket roster will be required for entry.

  • If you purchased a ticket from the original ticket holder, their name will be verified on the roster and the code on the ticket used to account for the purchase.

  • Breakfast will be available by 8 am on Friday at the 4-H concession booth - which has picnic table seating and you are welcome to sit at any table in an event tent, as well or go back to your campsite. Breakfast will be available by the Vinton County Firefighters Association beginning at 7 am on both Saturday and Sunday mornings in the Fern Kruger Building - table seating inside. You do not have to stay on-site to come enjoy a breakfast - but, you do have to be checked in and have a wristband.

  • There will be a brief opening ceremony on Friday morning on the Old School Survival Boot Camp stage and a flag raising on Friday and Saturday mornings. Please refer to the event schedule for more details.

  • The Old School Survival Boot Camp booth/ticket booth will also host daily ticket raffles for the 2023 event. Winners will be drawn at 5:15 daily. There will be other raffle items available at this booth that will be drawn during diffferent days of the event. You can also sign up for the Old School Survival Network membership at the booth. The $4 per month membership entitles you to discounted event tickets, first chance at class registrations, discounted event gear, and unlimited downloads of all ebooks, self-reliance themed homeschool units, online classes (many more of those coming post-event) and radio shows. You can find out more about the network at

  • Download the Old School Survival Network app so you have instant access to the event map, schedule, announcements, and instant communications with boot camp MC Jay McCann via the chat feature or by using the forum. The forum category: Boot Camp 2022 Communications can also be used to connect with Jay - you will not have to be a member or log onto the Network to use this particular forum or the chat feature which pops up automatically when you visit the homepage. Response may not be immediate, but it will be as quick as humanly possible. If you have an immediate emergency while at Boot Camp, dial 911. Many first responders will be on-site and hear the page for assistance at the fairgrounds and the EMS Station is only a few seconds away.

  • Handicap parking is available near the Fern Kruger Building. If you have a handicap sticker please pull to the campground check-in and show the manager there and he will tell you where to go and wave you on through.

  • Leashed and behaved pets are welcome in the campground and on the grounds - if the animal becomes a problem, it must be placed in a camper, vehicle, etc. and supervised or leave the grounds. All dogs, but excessive noise will not be allowed. No refunds will be issued for a person who has to leave with their pet.

  • No alcohol in the event area or open containers on the grounds.

  • No illegal activities, contraband, drugs etc. on the grounds. If it is illegal to possess or do anywhere else according to Ohio or federal law, do not do or bring it here. Anyone who breaks the law will be immediately ousted from the event, the on-site law enforcement officers may become involved, and no refund will be given.

  • Classes go on rain or shine and will only be halted due to lightning or other severe weather emergencies. Dress for outdoor activities and any typical seasonal weather.

  • The main event grounds are stroller and wheelchair friendly - other than classes that involve going into the woods, onto the pond, or are generally rugged in nature because they involve martial arts, archery, etc.

  • Everyone should have cell service at the event venue and have enough signal to get service in the campground for most large carriers.

  • There is no ATM machine on-site. The vast majority if not all vendors, presenters who have a make and take fee class, food trucks, concession stands, and the Old School Survival Boot Camp booth are set up only for cash payments. There are ATM machines nearby at the Vinton County Bank, Bud’s One Stop, Clark’s Marathon, WesBanco, and R&C Quick Stop. Please see the Area Attractions and Lodging tab on the website for more information about ATM machines, local eateries, and convenience stores.

  • Seating will be available at all tents and learning areas.

  • Please read the supervision requirements for any class if you have children under the age of 13. If your child is left unattended in a class and is too young to be there alone, you will be paged to come hang with him or her during the class. Also, last year we had a few issues with children really enjoying a vendor booth and the interaction with the folks who operated it - which is awesome, but the unsupervised children sometimes made themselves too much to home and went behind the tables and asked for food and drink when the vendor was getting a break to eat or getting into a cooler to feed their own children the food they brought to save money at the event. Please be considerate of the folks who enjoy putting the event on for you and do not let young ones linger without you or a teen sibling, cousin, or favorite aunt while checking out the many great booths at the boot camp.


Check-in begins at 2 pm on Thursday. You will drive in the entrance marked on the event map to get to the campground - the same entrance as general day parking. DO NOT try to enter through the south entrance (directly across from the church) this is for vendors only.

Once you drive up to the campground (the map and signs on-site will aid you) you will see a check-in booth. The booth will be manned by our campground event manager Pat Hellman and his helper Leonard. If neither Pat or Leonard are at the check-in booth, this means they are helping other campers get situated.

If you have booked a full hook-up or water and electric campsite, please follow the signs to your camping area and go ahead and pull on and start setting up. Pat will come to you when he is available to complete your check-in process and give your event wristbands. You can let Pat to let him know that you have arrived and need to check-in by calling or texting him at 740-583-1274.

It will be more difficult for primitive campers to find their area alone because primitive campsites are not numbered - it is more of a “tent city” type of set-up. Please call or text and let Pat know that you have arrived and pull off to the side of the camping or parking area and he will get to you as quickly as possible to help you get situated in the primitive camping area.

Campground Rules

In addition to the general grounds rules already noted there are some other policies you need to be aware of before coming to Boot Camp.

  • Enter the campground only through the designated parking and campground entrance on the north side of the venue - across from McArthur Lumber and Post and not the church. You will be turned around if you attend to come in through the vendor’s entrance and likely be stuck in the arrival traffic waiting to get back out onto the road.

You can bring your own firewood to the campground. There will be several roadside businesses that offer firewood for sale if you come to camp via State Route 93 in the Logan area. If you come to camp along Route 50 East, there will also be a roadside honor system wagon at Boring’s just before you come into McArthur. If you come to camp from other directions and need firewood, most gas stations sell small bundles during the spring through fall tourism season.

  • A few utility campsites have fire rings and picnic tables at the fairgrounds, but not many. No primitive sites will have these amenities. If you can bring your own, that would be wise.