Old School Survival Radio Chat With Rick Austin

Old School Survival Radio Presents: A Chat With Rick Austin - Survivalist Garden

Rick Austin is the utmost expert on survival gardening in the United States. His bestselling book, Secret Garden of Survival guides even a novice gardener in the ancient way of working the land to create a food forest by cultivating fruits and vegetables together in guilds so they aid each other during the growing process ... and help keep your food source away from prying eyes.

Rick's follow up hit books, Secret Greenhouse of Survival and Secret Livestock of Survival offer further vital guidance to help self-reliant folks learn not only how to best grow and raise their own food, but also how to do it in the most economical and sustainable manner.

During this Old School

Survival Radio Show chat, we discuss not only those crucial aspects of survival homesteading, but also touch deeply upon one of the potentially most pressing reasons why now is THE time to focus keenly on growing our own food and being as self-reliant and off grid as possible.

The Great Reset, a phrase that was coined during the most recent World Economic Forum, has both alarmed and motivated Rick to alert his fellow Americans about the life-altering dangers the Great Reset being pushed by elites from around the globe could tear down the way of life in the United States, forever.