Old School Survival Retreat Weekend Dates Scheduled

Hello Old School Survival folks, hope you are all doing well. We have set the dates for two Old School Survival Retreat Weekend small group intensive weekend events for this summer. All current and past Old School Survival Boot Camp ticket holders get the first chance to purchase tickets for this limited capacity (150 people) before ticket sales go public and marketing of the August event begins on July 5. Grab your tickets for the August event now before they are all gone!

These events will be held at the On Guard Gun Range and Training Center that is located just a few miles north of the Vinton County Fairgrounds. The complete class list and schedule will be posted by tomorrow evening. on the Old School Survival website and on our OSS Facebook pages, groups, and on the Old School Survival Network - www.oldschoolsurvivalnetwork.com

Ticket Link: https://ticketbud.com/events/ecc132a2-f89a-11ec-8487-42010a71701b?fbclid=IwAR16CaGOg43mLo07R8CWQmoa_KSGmQRMAkT_e9583Xt2YJCEpzAp3capTOc

Old School Survival Retreat Weekend Summer Dates

August 5-7

September 23-25

Important Facts

  • A possible fall October date may also be added.

  • Different classes will be offered at each event

  • Children are welcome but due to the firearms classes that will also be offered in the designated range area as a part of the event, they must be supervised and not be allowed to roam freely except during lunch times and after the range closes from classes for the day at 5 pm. You can purchase a ticket that includes supervised activity tent access for children up to age 11, take children with you to class, or have an adult in your party who is not attending a class, keep an eye on them.

  • Primitive camping in tents or RVs on-site is being offered at a cost of $20. There are bathrooms but not shower house. If you choose to stay on-site we recommend bringing a solar shower set-up ... or lots of deodorant! Recommended nearby campgrounds and cabin information can be found on the Old School Survival Boot Camp website.

  • You do not have to purchase your general admission ticket at the same time as booking the make and take classes that you want to attend. The purchase of a general admission ticket secures you one of the 150 available spots.

  • The entire list of classes and schedule will be made public by tomorrow evening. Because classes can range from two hours to six hours, or even be all day or several days long, the number of classes you should expect will likely be four or maybe five. The classes will not only be limited to 10 to 20 people they will also be far more hands-on with larger or multiple make and take projects included.