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Camping reservations should be open on the Vinton County Jr. Fair website soon. They are in the midst of a site upgrade to include the capability of online booking. A notice will be posted on the Old School Survival Network blog and forum when their site is fully functional and accepting reservations.

Plans for several summer and a fall weekend intensive camp experience for small groups (about 100 people each event) are still evolving. When scheduled, these events will be held at the On Guard Defense Gun Range and Training Center property. It is located just a few miles north of the Vinton County Fair Grounds. Classes will be two hours, a half day, or full day long, providing in-depth hands-on training in a series self-reliance skills and topics.

Each of these intensive camp experience events will focus on a different series of topics.

Watch for updates here on the Old School Survival Network blog and forum. You can read the blog without being a member of the Network. Old School Survival Network membership is only $4 per month and includes unlimited downloads of self-reliance ebooks, online courses, Homestead Heritage Explorers homeschool theme units, private forum, radio shows, and receive early access to Old School Boot Camp class registration, T-shirt and hat discounts, and discounts on items purchased at the Old School Survival booth at events.

Recently Published eBooks and Homestead Heritage Explorers homeschool unit:

Prepper Retreat- Survival Homestead Buying And Set Up Guide

This 29-page Old School Survival Series Guide tells you all you need to know BEFORE buying land to create a survival homestead or prepper retreat.

All Natural Household Cleaners And Soaps Guide eBook

This 138-page all natural household cleaners and soaps guide not only teaches you how to make your own cleaning agents for any type of household or clothing issue you may have to deal with on a regular basis, it also (and perhaps more importantly) educates you about why doing so could be essential to your good health.

Plants, Seeds, And Soil Theme Unit

The Plants, Seeds, and Soil Homestead Heritage Explorers theme unit is 149-pages long - so it can grow with your child as they advance and to allow the teaching of multi-age children on the same topic at the same time.

eBooks and Homestead Heritage Explorers theme units can be purchased in the shop if you are not a Network member - but they are always included in the $ 4 a month membership for free. Online classes are only available to Network members.

Featured Class:

Chicken Butchering And Husbandry Online Course

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