Plants, Berries, And Nuts Foraging Guide

Plants, Berries, And Nuts Foraging Guide now available on the Old School Survival Network. The ebook is free to all Members in the Programs section and can be purchased in the Network Shop by non-members.

The Plants, Berries, and Nuts Foraging Guide includes 67 pages of detailed information about finding, foraging and using common plants, wild berries, and nuts.

Table of Contents

Wild Edible Plants 4

Best Places To Forage

Your Own Land

Urban Foraging

Types Of Cattails

Cattail Identification

What Part Of Cattails Are Edible?

How To Harvest Cattail Starch

Cattail Recipes

Poison Hemlock Facts

Poison Hemlock Identification

Poison Hemlock Toxicity

Poison Hemlock Management

How To Identify Queen Anne’s Lace


How To Identify Yarrow

Red Clover Nutrient Value

Red Clover Medicinal Uses

How To Identify Red Clover

Where To Find Red Clover

How To Grow Red Clover

How To Harvest And Preserve Red Clover

Red Clover Warnings And Precautions

Aggregate Fruit Or Berries - What’s The Difference?

Wild Berry Foraging Facts And Tips

Wild Berry Toxicity Testing

Foraging Gear

How To Identify And Find Wild Berries

Wild Berry Pie Recipe


Hickory Nuts

Are Hickory Nuts Edible

Hickory Nut Nutrients

Hickory Nut Tree Leaf Identification

Can You Use Hickory Nuts To Smoke Meat And Fish?

What Time Of Year Can You Find Hickory Nuts?

What Is The Difference Between A Hickory Nut And A Walnut?

How Do You Harvest Shagbark Hickory Nuts?

How Long Do Hickory Nuts Last?

How To Crack Hickory Nuts

How To Dry Hickory Nuts

How Do You Roast Hickory Nuts In The Oven?

Dehydrate Hickory Nuts

Hickory Nut Recipes





Pine Nuts


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