Sheep Husbandry Guide eBook Now Live On The Old School Survival Network

The Old School Survival Sheep Husbandry Guide teaches you everything you need to know to start keeping sheep. Not only will you learn setting up a habitat for sheep on your homestead or survival retreat, you also learn vital daily husbandry techniques, common diseases and how to prevent and take care of them, common predators and how to deter them, most popular breeds of sheep kept in the United States, as well as the top meat and fiber breeds.

Table of Contents

Basic Sheep Facts

Sheep Frequently Asked Questions

Most Popular Sheep Breeds In The United States

Sheep Habitat

Pen Construction And Size

Feed, Water, And Nutrition

Best Hay For Sheep

Sheep Reproduction

Lambing Materials

Lamb Growth



Hoof Care

Most Common And Deadly Sheep Predators

Guardian Dogs

Sheep Herd Health

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