SteaderLife Is Coming To Old School Survival Boot Camp

New Class Announcement!!! Old School Survival Boot Camp is pleased to announce that Jacilyn Harness, the founder of will be teaching a quite unique and inspiring class for homesteaders of all experience levels at the event this year.

Homestead Family Rhythms: Managing a Productive & Prepared Household Without Burnout”

The SteaderLife course is all about farm management, chores, meal planning, running a business, time blocking, delegating, homeschooling/unschooling, budgeting, sacrifice, balancing minimalism with prepping, what family time looks like, morning basket activities, etc. A HOW-TO implement everything else you’re learning at Bootcamp with your entire family without losing your sanity or forgetting something important Jacilyn will have lots of printable resources to give away to help everything from pantry rotation to planning wild edible hikes.

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