Survival Cache Class Added To Boot Camp Line-Up

Old School Survival Boot Camp Class Spotlight - Survival Cache taught by Boondockery host, John Timms.

Survival Caches Description: The Oxford Dictionary Defines “Cache” (kaSH) as; Noun: a collection of items of the same type stored in a hidden or inaccessible place.

"an arms cache" Verb: store away in hiding or for future use. "he decided that they must cache their weapons" Unfortunately, we live in a world that has forced many of us to realize we can no longer rely upon the safety and security of our homes or properties to keep many of our possessions safe from criminals or our “Government”.

This class will present the necessary information needed to keep many of your possessions safe, secure and hidden until you need them.

The class will cover: The Types Of Caches. How To Prepare And Store Cache Contents. Tools And Materials That Will Be Useful To Prepare Caches. Cache Containers. Selecting Hide Locations For Your Cache. How To Securely Document Your Caches. Placing And Recovering Caches. Cache Ethics And Etiquette. The safety and security of our possessions is as much our responsibility as the safety and security of our family members. Taking the responsible steps now may prevent serious problems in the future and could be your “Ace In The Hole”.

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