Survival Cattle Husbandry Guide eBook

The Survival Cattle Husbandry Guide ebook is a 21-page guide that details how to keep cattle on a survival homestead. It also guides the reader through the best breeds of dairy and meat cows for homesteaders and preppers, medical care tips, and much more. Table of Contents Know Before You Buy Can You Keep Cattle On Small Homesteads? Laws And Deed Restrictions Space Requirements Fiscal Planning Safety Precautions Cows Come In Different Sizes? Different Types of Cattle Cows Steers Heifers Calves Cattle Varieties Beef Cattle Dairy Cows Dual or Multi-Purpose Cattle Heritage Breeds Cattle Raising Basics Feed Shelter Cattle Buying Tips Top Cattle Breeds For Survival Ways To Use Cattle On A Prepper Retreat How To Choose Cattle For A Survival Homestead Top 5 Breeds Of Meat Cattle Best Dairy Cattle Breeds For A Survival Homestead Top 5 Dairy Cattle Breeds For Preppers And Survival Homesteaders How to Raise Dairy Cattle Feeding Breeding Calf Care and Sales Milk Products and Storage Common Illnesses Remember, if you are an Old School Survival Network member, go to the Programs section to download this book for free.