Survival Knots And Pioneer Lashing Class Is Back On For 2022!

A cancelled class is back! Old School Survival Boot Camp is thrilled to announce that after Daniel Leathers unfortunately had to pull out of attending this year due to work constraints, Chief Jim Tubbs stepped up to fill the survival knots and pioneer lashing void!

Jim Tubbs is the Chief of Big Rapids Township Fire Department and owns/operates Sawhorse Stables Custom Woodcraft in Big Rapids, Michigan. Jim is a Certified Fire Service Instructor in Michigan, as well as an NRA Firearms Instructor. Jim has over two decades of service in public safety with the last 14 years being in the fire service. He is certified in high and low angle rope rescue and as an instructor he specializes in ropes and knots, vehicle extrication and stabilization and ventilation.

Jim has taught new firefighters the ropes and knots portion of the fire academy for many years and some consider him the local expert.

This class will be a basic introduction to ropes, knots and lashing. We will cover the different types of rope and their construction as well as the 3 main components of all knots. We will practice tying several knots and identify when and where they can be used. Lashing will cover the basic tripod lashing and square lashing. Children 10 and under should have an adult with them to help with this class.

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