The Sodbusters To Play Old School Survival Boot Camp

Old School Survival Boot Camp is thrilled to announce The Sodbusters will once again be performing at the event. You can enjoy tapping your feet, clap, and even sing along to the wonderful bluegrass and folk music created by Dan, Tami , and Eric Daly.

The Sodbusters are a unique acoustic blend of American musical genres ranging from crooning country to twangin' rock & roll; swingin' jazz to rootsy folk; singer/songwriter originals to traditional standards.

They approach their music with an exuberant energy, a spontaneous attitude, and a novel freshness. Their music invokes their rural surroundings, traditions, folklore, and convictions.

They are always sure to set toes tappin', move hands clappin', and make smiles happen!

The Sodbusters will begin performing on late Saturday afternoon as the classes are ending for the day.

Old School Survival Boot Camp is a 3-day hands-on self-reliance event held May 13-15, 2022 in the Hocking Hills region of Ohio. Over 78 hands-on survival, blacksmithing, homesteading, bushcraft, off grid living, prepping, herbalism, butchering, homeschooling, and martial arts classes will be offered by 35+ experts from around the country. Join folks from 19 states eager to enhance their self-reliance skills!