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Aug 05, 2022
In Boot Camp 2023 Communications
Hello Boot Campers! Even though Old School Survival Boot Camp is still months from now, planning is already deeply underway. There are several exciting changes to the event for next year already. First, OSS Boot Camp will boast 100 classes in 2023 - up from the 80 in 2022. Instructors are busy crafting their class details for the event. Expect to see the class listings the first week of October. The schedule will be ready no later than two weeks after the class schedule is posted. After the schedule is posted, online class registration begins - more details below. In addition, there will be online pre-registration for ALL classes, NOT ONLY the make and take ones. This will allow instructors to prepare their class accordingly and be placed in the right size tent so everyone can all the space they need, allow for planning for additional event tents for the new classes, and let us know early on if a class is going to be large so additional sessions can possibly be added. Registration Process There will be a REGISTRATION tab on the menu bar on the website. Simply click that tab and go to a Ticketbud page (it will look just like our buy tickets page, but with different options) and click on all of the classes that you want to attend. ONLY the classes with a make and take fee will feature a price that will have to be paid when registering. All other classes will show as costing $0.00 on the ticket and when you checkout to complete your registration. You WILL have to checkout to complete the process even if you did not sign up for any class that required a fee. You will receive an email from Ticketbud confirming you class registration. All of the classes will be posted for registration at the same time, and after the schedule has been posted on the event website - available under the SCHEDULE tab. IF classes OSS Boot Camp acquires any instructors later during the event planning process, their classes will be posted to the amended schedule and be opened for registration for everyone immediately. The ONLY changes to the schedule that could possibly occur after it is posted would be additions or cancellations - there will be no switching of class times or days. Attendees will be notified of any additions or cancellations immediately if they occur prior to the event. If a class with a make and take fee is cancelled, an electronic refund will be issued through our Ticketbud service. Should the cancellation occur during boot camp, a cash refund will be made on-site. Online registration ends the Monday prior to the event. The rosters will be posted in the Old School Survival Network Forum in the OSS Boot Camp 2023 thread - membership not required to visit or post to this forum thread. They will also be posted on the FORMS page of the website. The only way to be added to a class after registration closes on that Monday or any time prior due to hitting the maximum number of spots in a class is to go to the tent/event area at the start of class and speak to the instructor directly to see if he or she has space/materials available to accommodate the request. OSS Boot Camp will NOT be keeping a wait list or adding spaces after a class is full or registration closes, again - you may go to the start of the class and ask instructors directly if they can squeeze in a couple more. In some cases they may be able to do so, but in others, no matter how much they would like to accommodate requests, will not have the space or materials to do so. Old School Survival Network members will be emailed the registration link 48 hours before the registration link is posted publicly on the website. OSS Boot Camp alumni will receive the same link 24 hours before it goes live on the website. Not a member yet? Membership is $4 a month or $45 per year. Members have unlimited download access to all ebooks, basic online classes, the Homestead Heritage Explorers life skills academic curriculum, and Old School Survival Radio shows. Homeschool Summer Flash Sale Coupon Codes Non-Members Can Use Through August 31: SFSBOGO - Buy one homeschool unit, get one for free! SFS10FOR3 - Buy 3 homeschool units and get 7 more for free! SFS22 - Good for $1 off each homeschool unit Old School Survival ebook Friday Freebie: Prepper Inventory Forms and Important Documents Old School Survival Network Shop Event Entry In 2023 we will have handheld scanners to quickly log in BOTH paper tickets and those you have saved on your phone. Attendees will be stamped quickly after scanning tickets upon entry while in still line and move along to start learning and having fun. If you registered for make and take classes, only then will you need to also pickup up wristbands. How Will Wristband Pickup Work? As you walk through the covered bridge you will see the multiple "Callers" along with well staffed tables and a box of colored wristbands for each class. You will tell a caller your name and crew members at the table will look at the alphabetical roster for each class and have ready all of the wristbands ordered under your name to hand to you as you pass by. The colored wristbands will quickly and easily allow instructors to know who is supposed to be in their class without taking up time calling out names at the start of class - taking valuable skill building time up, in the process. Camping The VC Fair Board will soon have online reservations for the campground up and running. The complete revamping of their website along with Google mapping to each individual site has taken a lot longer than they anticipated. OSS Boot Camp will NOT be handling any of the camping reservations from now on. All details about checking into the campground will be posted to the VC Fair website once they are ready to accept reservations. We will notify ticket holders and post to our social media and event website the link to their website as soon as reservations for the campground can begin. They have added a lot more sites to the grounds, so more sites will be available. OSS Boot Camp will be going to the campground weekly one month leading up to camp to check for downed trees, water or electric issues with a site etc. and making sure ticket holders are notified if there is a problem at their site that either we or the board cannot get fixed prior to the event. Our recommendations for nearby lodging is available under the Lodging/Attractions tab on the event website for folks interested in cabin rentals or off-site camping.
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